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Bart van Hees

Raum: L.11.19
0202-439 5516
E-Mail: vanhees[at]uni-wuppertal.de

Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Gaußstr. 20
42119 Wuppertal


The aim of the planned dissertation project is to study the transmission, dissemination and reception of Frankish minor annals, of which the Annales Laureshamenses-Mosellani will serve as a test case and will be edited anew for the first time in 130 years. Uniquely, it focuses on the codicological context of the text as well by using a theoretical concept and methodological approach known as “social logic”, allowing the project to shed new light on the meaning of those annals in contemporary history writing and to disentangle networks of communication and the exchange of knowledge. It will highlight the fundamental role minor annals played in the writing of history and show that the Carolingian court was not so much imposing its historiographical perspective on the provinces but that it was rather reactionary, trying to contain the various perspectives from the peripheries of the realm in the eighth and early ninth centuries. The prolific exchange of knowledge as a result of intellectual interaction by means of historiographic texts is the focal point of this project.


  • 2009-2013: Bachelor History (Utrecht University)
  • 2013-2015: Research master Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies - Track: Medieval Studies (Utrecht University)
  • 2017: Lecturer “Medieval History” (Utrecht University)
  • 2018: Lecturer “Medieval History” (Utrecht University)
  • 2019: Lecturer “Medieval History” (Utrecht University)
  • 2019: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im Graduiertenkolleg “Dokument - Text - Edition” and der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal


Forthcoming publications

⁃ ‘Minor annals and Frankish history writing’, The Medieval Chronicle

⁃ ‘Van prins tot zwart schaap en terug. Koningszoon Pippijn in Karolingische geschiedschrijving’, Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis

Papers given at (international) scholarly meetings:

⁃ 6.7.2021 “Frankish Annals and the Assassination Attempt on Pope Leo III.” Paper to be presented at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds (Session 818)

⁃ 12.11.2020 “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: The case of Frankish annals.” Paper presented at the workshop “Grenzen in vormodernen Texten” in Heidelberg (Organised by Graduiertenkolleg 2196 “Dokument - Text - Edition” and Sonderforschungsbereichs 933 “Materiale Textkulturen”)

⁃ 2.10.2020 “History writing in the Frankish realms: A look at the annals.” Paper presented at the colloquium “Zweites Mediävistisches Kolloquium Milano-Wuppertal / Secondo incontro italo-tedesco tra dottorandi di recerca in storia medievale”

⁃ 2.7.2018 “Minor annals in a major historiographical compendium: the case of Rome, BAV, Reg. Lat. 213” Paper presented at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds (Session 248).

⁃ 3.7.2017 “The Annales Laureshamenses: Origin, transmission and reception.” Paper presented at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds (Session 338).

⁃ 11.11.2016 “The Annales Laureshamenses: Origin, transmission and reception. An introduction.” Paper presented at the 22nd Mediëvistendag at Utrecht.

⁃ 25.6.2015 “Becoming Abimelech: Pippin the Hunchback in the Annales Laureshamenses” Paper presented at the 2nd UCMS colloquium. (Invited speaker).

Papers given on other occasions:

⁃ 11.1.2021 “Annals and history writing in the Frankish realms: A verdict.” Paper presented at the Oberseminar of the Universität zu Köln (Invited speaker)

⁃ 25.11.2020 “History writing in the Frankish realms: A look at the annals.” Paper presented at a joint Oberseminar of the RTWH Aachen University and the Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

⁃ 6.11.2015 “Het Utrechts Psalter.” Presented to the Algemene Seniorenvereniging Zeist. (Invited speaker).

⁃ 27.11.2012 “De bestuurlijke schoonmaak van Lodewijk de Vrome anders belicht.” Paper presented at the symposium held in celebration for the 85th birthday of J.M. van Winter. (Invited speaker).


  • 6.7.2021 Organiser of the session “Popes in Hostile Climates: Violence against (Anti-)Popes ” at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds
  • 2018 Organiser of a session strand “Frankish minor annals”, 2 July, International Medieval Congress, Leeds, UK (with Dr. Sören Kaschke)

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